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martes, 2 de septiembre de 2014

Disney Bounding: lifestyle or only a Fad?

Welcome again!! 

Today, I will going to write about disneybounding, a very famous trend in the Usa.

What have in common the childhood of a chilean childhood and a american childhood or any childhood in the world? Disney!! 

Disney, is a part of our lives, the learnt the songs, found the prince of your dreams, and fell in love with the characters and their histories.

But we have to grow up, save our beloved memories in our heart, we have to leave our childhood... or not?

For many years, the fans who refuse to grow up tried to keep the disney essense, but one I have to highlight, one disney blogger didn't want to grow, creating a fashion phenomenon.

Leslie Kay create a blog that publish photos with disney inspired outfits, inspired in our favorite, upcoming or even forgotten caracters.

Leslie's creativity make success, audience came, Leslie give fans confidence to been themselfes, they express they own disney style.

Disneybound makes disney meet streetwear, you can revive your childhood... what about your favorite character... or someone you look-a-like? You can do everyone!
No matter your age, or even if you're a men or a women! It's have to be fun and you have to be free!

Many people tried to do it when they go to disneyland... but many people have disneybound as their lifestyle. Sometimes they even have meetings in disney and many people go!
Leo Camacho and his girlfriend, Sarah
Leo and Traci Hines

If you want to try, for a party or a casual party, we always can look disneybound on google, in instagram or, of course in tumblr.

My 8th Grade prom is coming... so I want to put some ideas ;)

Why you don't try? 

So, that's all... for now!

Another school work ಠ_ಠ

Hello Again Dearies! (I feel like Rumple n.n)

I have yo do another school topic, what's about this time? 
How do U imagine the future world? (2020)
I have to write about three things:

  • Houses
  • Technology
  • School

Lets Begin!

The intelligent houses will expand, but not in Chile (we have to acept that in Chile we are a little bit late talking about technology), but of course in USA, China, Japan and many European Countries.
●In the future they will predominate two types of intelligent houses, Apple houses, and Android House, both with their personal touch.
●The entire house will be conected by wi-fi, all the rooms will have touch screens, you can update your facebook status even in the bathroom! (I hope you will not do that :$)
●The kitchen will have Siri (in the case of an Android house you will have to download one), who can help you to cook, but if you want you can cook together

Of course, the technology its always in our lives, and the human by instinct will want to improve it.
●Cinemas will be in augmented reallity, do you think 3d its awesome? Think about the movie happening above you!
●The petroleum empire it's over! Imagine water and sun cars everywhere! 
●The shops will be actually like a exprender machine! "Select the tablet, pay it and it will appear! Amazing!

More interactive lessons! You will learn doing the stuff!
●All the classroom wil have touch boards
●New methods to learn! More fun!

I'm a little bit lazy... but don't worry... The next step will be... FREE TOPIC!