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martes, 28 de octubre de 2014

My most essential things (:

Hello Friends!! 

Today the miss writes a list with many important stuff and we need to select… Only five!! So, after a very difficult decition so I select this:
Fresh water
Things to read

So I have to say why I select that questions... so I'll start
I am going to generalize, because we all know that not the whole world has access to one or more of these

Without electricity, we're almost nothing. In the past... we don't have to use electricity.
But the human progress, now we need electricity at our side. We need it to comunicate (most of the people don't go to "talk"), do our daily activities, even to see! (we can't see in the dark, can we?)
So I think the human of today can't live without it.

If we have to think in something that we use everyday, more than one will say internet. Internet gives us connection to knowledge, to entertainment, to communication, okay, it's gives connection for everything. We use internet everyday, even in school, your house or in public places, think about a restaurant with wi-fi zone? sometime even people go for free connection.
We don't have to discuss how important the internet is.

When I was in 1th grade, the only thing I know about cellphones was that my parents had one, now, seven years later, I see 1th grade kids with one! Imagine how fast the cellphone enter in our world!
I have to say, it's very difficult to have a day without my phone, I always check every social network and chat with my family and friends, I think everyone in my school have whatsapp (it's like kik), so imagine how "communicate" we're, okay, phone aren't real communication, I think its always better to talk with someone face to face, but, phone are just "easier".

Fresh water:
I think this thing its obuvious! We have to live, so we need to drink water!
Sadly, not everyone can drink fresh water, no matter the reason, we need it, its a right (but isn't always fulfilled)
The human its 65% water, so only saying that we can imagine how important is.

Things to read!:
Okay, this is personal, but I love to read! I'm a bookworm, I love to read!! I can read many books, even not sleep sometimes for finish another story, I think read its the best thing to do at freetime, I fall in love with the stories, the caracters. I think read gives new experiences, new adventures.
I started to read very young, I learn to read when I was 5, and at 6 I started one of my favorite sagas, Harry Potter!, so I think reading was my partner my whole live! My favorite trilogies/sagas are Harry Potter and the hunger games.

domingo, 26 de octubre de 2014

Tips for a Safety Halloween

Everyday day is one day less for Halloween!

Who loves Halloween! Halloween its my favorite Holiday! So I like do many stuff! I make a party with all my friends, put on a costume, and of course, make a adventure looking for... CANDY!

But, we always need to be careful, so I decided to make little tips for a cool, unforgettable and safety:

  • If you decorate your house, check the electric decorations
  • If you are going to search candy, make sure you know how to come back
  • If you trip in groups, be sure how many are you
  • If someone give you extrange candy, check them
  • If you are lost, call a friend 
  • If you eat many candy, you'll get sick
  • If you find a lost kid, you'll have help him
  • If you can walk more, you'll have to resta little bit.

  • If you are without adults, you'll have to come back early
  • If you want a great Halloween, you'll  have to be safe!

martes, 14 de octubre de 2014

How to save you life


Last class we start a new unit, called Danger, and of course my teacher told me to write something in my blog.

Every day we fight a new war against germs, toxins, injury, illness, catastrophe and calamity, that's why we need to be careful everyday. Today I'm gonna teach you some ways to safe your life.


We always play in the pool, saying that we're going to drown, but that's a game... 
What happens if you're really in trouble?
Here are a few tips:
  • Don't try to swim ashore if you're more than 100 metres away from the coast, open water its dangerous even if you're a good swimmer!
  • If you have a boat, stay in it. Why? Boats are easy to indentify than people
  • Lie on your back, the water its warmest in the surface.
  • Keep an eye out for rescue boats, if one is closer, shout!

Crushed by a crowd:

When you go to a concert, soccer match or even you take the subway, you can imagine a big crowd, sometimes you even start to despair...
What you can do?
  •  If you have to get out quickly, move away from the pressure area,"A crowd its always focused in one area".
  • Move backwards or to one side, 

Fire in the house:

Have you ever seen in Tv or in a movie a fire? Always one person is the hero, but... You really need to be a hero?
What you need to do?
  • Don't open any doors unless you know there's no fire in the other side. Touch the handle with the back part of your hand, if its hot, don't open the door
  • Go to a window and shout for help
  • Extingsh the fire yourself only if it's small
  • Leave the room and alert everybody
  • Call the fire brigade


Some people love them, some people don't, no matter what, the lightings are very dangerous, imagine have a really big shock that even can kill you
What can you do to prevent that? 

  • In a storm, you're always safest indoors
  • Don't take cover under a tree, and electrical current may run on the tree
  • Look for a small depression in the ground
  • If you are in a car you are safe, also its safe to use a mobile phone.

I hope now you are a little bit more careful :)
Hope U Enjoyed!

miércoles, 1 de octubre de 2014

The Environment: Wind Farms

Hello! Lets talk about the Environment

Okay, my teacher teach us a new topic: Problems with the Environment
So, I have to write about the wind farms! Pretty interesting or not? More free topics please!):

Lets begin!

What is a wind farm?                                                                                                                            
In many countries, the problems with the environment are very common. Some of this countries
want to help with this.
The winds farms are one way to do this.
The wind farms get energy from wind, this farms have thousand of turbines that catch wind and produces energy.

Advantages of Wind farms:

  • They use renewable energy (energy that comes from natural sources)
  • They don't produce pollution
  • They doesn't damage the environment
  • The can also be agricultural farms
  • They're clean and efficient

Disadvantages of Wind Farms:

  • They don't have a ''Estethic look"
  • It could be dangerous for birds, bats and other animals
  • The make some noise, that can be a little annonying
  • You can't be sure if the place has wind enough

So, thats all for today, thanks for reading, love 'ya!