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miércoles, 1 de octubre de 2014

The Environment: Wind Farms

Hello! Lets talk about the Environment

Okay, my teacher teach us a new topic: Problems with the Environment
So, I have to write about the wind farms! Pretty interesting or not? More free topics please!):

Lets begin!

What is a wind farm?                                                                                                                            
In many countries, the problems with the environment are very common. Some of this countries
want to help with this.
The winds farms are one way to do this.
The wind farms get energy from wind, this farms have thousand of turbines that catch wind and produces energy.

Advantages of Wind farms:

  • They use renewable energy (energy that comes from natural sources)
  • They don't produce pollution
  • They doesn't damage the environment
  • The can also be agricultural farms
  • They're clean and efficient

Disadvantages of Wind Farms:

  • They don't have a ''Estethic look"
  • It could be dangerous for birds, bats and other animals
  • The make some noise, that can be a little annonying
  • You can't be sure if the place has wind enough

So, thats all for today, thanks for reading, love 'ya!

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