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domingo, 26 de octubre de 2014

Tips for a Safety Halloween

Everyday day is one day less for Halloween!

Who loves Halloween! Halloween its my favorite Holiday! So I like do many stuff! I make a party with all my friends, put on a costume, and of course, make a adventure looking for... CANDY!

But, we always need to be careful, so I decided to make little tips for a cool, unforgettable and safety:

  • If you decorate your house, check the electric decorations
  • If you are going to search candy, make sure you know how to come back
  • If you trip in groups, be sure how many are you
  • If someone give you extrange candy, check them
  • If you are lost, call a friend 
  • If you eat many candy, you'll get sick
  • If you find a lost kid, you'll have help him
  • If you can walk more, you'll have to resta little bit.

  • If you are without adults, you'll have to come back early
  • If you want a great Halloween, you'll  have to be safe!

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