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martes, 28 de octubre de 2014

My most essential things (:

Hello Friends!! 

Today the miss writes a list with many important stuff and we need to select… Only five!! So, after a very difficult decition so I select this:
Fresh water
Things to read

So I have to say why I select that questions... so I'll start
I am going to generalize, because we all know that not the whole world has access to one or more of these

Without electricity, we're almost nothing. In the past... we don't have to use electricity.
But the human progress, now we need electricity at our side. We need it to comunicate (most of the people don't go to "talk"), do our daily activities, even to see! (we can't see in the dark, can we?)
So I think the human of today can't live without it.

If we have to think in something that we use everyday, more than one will say internet. Internet gives us connection to knowledge, to entertainment, to communication, okay, it's gives connection for everything. We use internet everyday, even in school, your house or in public places, think about a restaurant with wi-fi zone? sometime even people go for free connection.
We don't have to discuss how important the internet is.

When I was in 1th grade, the only thing I know about cellphones was that my parents had one, now, seven years later, I see 1th grade kids with one! Imagine how fast the cellphone enter in our world!
I have to say, it's very difficult to have a day without my phone, I always check every social network and chat with my family and friends, I think everyone in my school have whatsapp (it's like kik), so imagine how "communicate" we're, okay, phone aren't real communication, I think its always better to talk with someone face to face, but, phone are just "easier".

Fresh water:
I think this thing its obuvious! We have to live, so we need to drink water!
Sadly, not everyone can drink fresh water, no matter the reason, we need it, its a right (but isn't always fulfilled)
The human its 65% water, so only saying that we can imagine how important is.

Things to read!:
Okay, this is personal, but I love to read! I'm a bookworm, I love to read!! I can read many books, even not sleep sometimes for finish another story, I think read its the best thing to do at freetime, I fall in love with the stories, the caracters. I think read gives new experiences, new adventures.
I started to read very young, I learn to read when I was 5, and at 6 I started one of my favorite sagas, Harry Potter!, so I think reading was my partner my whole live! My favorite trilogies/sagas are Harry Potter and the hunger games.

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