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miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014

Now I'm a Poet? ◑︿◐

Hello Dearies!

Today my teacher gave me a new challenge! Today, I need to write a poem

Okay, I have to say that I'm very good at express myself, and, I'm not very good at writting
So, I'll do my best.
If you listen to my history, 
I' accept the past, 
If you accompany me, 
I 'll live through the present,
 If you remain to my side, 
I'll trust in the future,
 But if this does not happen, 
I'll Prefer that you say it
Because I don't want unfounded hopes uselessly 
And if you don't listen to my history,
 It will make the past hanging
 And if you do not accompany me
 I'll get lost in the present 
And if you do not remain to my side
 I'll worry about the future
But then I'll realize that my suffering will be uselessly
 Because I can follow my life ahead 
Without anybody to my side.
I think that's all... so bye :3
PD: Later a new post about my Halloween!

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