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jueves, 20 de noviembre de 2014

My favorite movie and book


Today, my teacher gave me the hardest challenge ever! I had to choose my favorite movie and my favorite book! 

Okay, I think you neither can think only in one, so I write a list with my favorite... so can you guess?
I write a list, every movie/book has a number, so I enter at and I wait for the number

So, the movie has the Dark Knight, and the book Catching Fire, so lets begin!

The Dark Knight

This is one of the many movies based on DC comic Batman, as you should know every once in a while the actors, the from to tell the story and also the director changes, now it's the turn of Christopher Nolan to make a new version of Batman (the Dark Knight triology), this is the second of the movies, now Bruce Wayne has a new oportunity to being Batman, now his challenge it's a man with mental problems, who has the mistery by his side, making the caracter a new whole story, as you can guess, nothing more and nothing less than the Joker.

A new hero and the hope of Gotham appears, Harvey Dent, the district attorney, who is also in love with the interest of our hero, Rachel Dawes. Rachel wants to marry Harvey, and she gives Alfred a letter of Bruce to tell that.

Our problem starts when the joker begins to corrompe Gotham, he destroys, makes panic, kills.
But whats his objective? He wants to corrompe Harvey, because he wants to show that everyone can be corrompt. The police takes Joker, but later they discovered that he trap Harvey and Rachel, he put him at a building and Rachel in other, Bruce tries to save Rachel, buy he discovered that the building were changed. Rachel dead and Harvey burns his face.

When Harvey is the hospital Jim Gordon visit him, Harvey knows that his face is burned, so he tells to Gordon to say his nickname, twofaces.
Later the Joker says he's going to put bombs in one of the hospitals of Gotham-
Joker makes a visit to the hospital, he talked to him and later he explote the hospital, Harvey starts to kill, with the help of his coin to know the luck of the victims.

The Joker do another "joke", he wants the people choose, between explode a boat with criminals or one with innocent persons, Batman stops him before this happens.
He goes to save Gordon's family, because Harvey wants to kill them, after some minutes, he saves Gordon's son, but making Harvey death, Batman escapes later.

In the end in Harvey funeral Gordon makes him a hero, he keeps the secret of two faces, and the movie ends.

Catching Fire

This is my favorite book of the triology, written by Suzanne Collins, is the second part of the story of Katniss Everdeen, the female tribute, victor, and the Mockingjay.

After winning the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss and her family is in danger, because what she did in the arena is rebelion, and the president Snow didn't forget it. Katniss has many nightmares, she can't forget the arena.
After a long time, she meet Peeta and Haymitch again, because the victors tour is going to start.
When they go to district 11, she remember Rue, and a old man whistle the mockingjay sound, the peacekeepers kill him.
In the victors tour they know that the disticts are starting to fight.
Katniss learn that the capitol will be always watching her and she decide to marry Peeta.
She meet Plutarch, the new head gamermaker, Plutarch,
When she came back a new boss of the peacekeeper, creating horror in the distict.
He burns the blackmarket and he lashes Gale.
She meet Bonnie and Twill, they are convinced that distict 13 already exist.
Later when she watches the Tv she knows that the quater quell is about the victors have to fight in the Hunger Games, she realized that she has to come back.
When Effie says the Haymitch has to go, Peeta says he is volunteer.

In the capitol she meet many victors like Finnick Odair, Johanna Manson, Beete, Wiress, Mags, Boggs, Enobaria and so on, Haymitch told her that she needs to make allies, she wants Beete, Wiress and Mags.

The capitol is very sad because they had to say goodbye (again) to their favorite victors, they victors tried to stop the games, but when Peeta tells Caesar that Katniss is pregnant, the capitol wants to cancel the games, that doesn't happen.

In the arena Katniss discovers her new ally, Finnick, later he saves Peeta, after that she is more convinced that Finnick is save. The hours past and a poisoned fog almost kill them (but Mags dead).
After a few problems they find Johanna, Wiress and Beete, Wiress was the all time saying -Tick Tock-, and Katniss realised that the arena is a clock.

Every hour its a new danger, so after a attack of the career tributes (Wiress was killed) they had a plan to electrify the water, so Beete tells to put once side of his wire in a tree and another in the water, so he says Katniss should go with Johanna, she was mad, but finally she do it, after a walked Johanna attack her and when she goes to rescue Peeta he find Beete on the floor, she saw Finnick and she was going to thew him a arrow, he said -Remember who the real enemy is- so she thew the arrow to the top of the arena, she destroys it. She lost the conscience. District 13 save her, and when she woke up, Gale was at her side, when she asks for her family, he said they escaped, so she asks for her district, and he says - There's not district 12-

 The End!

Hope you enjoyed! I was inspired (a little bit).

Bye, I hope we will meet back again. :)

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