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miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2014

School work

Sport Facilities in my commune

I live in Santiago city, Santiago is divided in different communes, my commune its Peñalolen.

I really think Peñalolen it's a really good place to do sport, we have a olympic pool (where we can do any water sports), many skateparks (where people can just have fun), a polysport center (where we can do basketball, dancing, and many other things). So there are many places to do sport, also was the host of the South American games. The polysport center makes almost all the weekends zumba, dancing and other free sport activities. And all the parks have "sports stations" And they also make in many places, parkour classes, soccer. Also they close a whole street only for sports. 

I think my favorite place it's the pool... why? My brother does swimming there, and my father does spinning. I think it's very complete, because it has many little rooms to do spinning or gap, they have a soccer little stadium and the pool it's very complete, and it has a jacuzzi!!

So I think the access of the sport it's perfect. So... what's the problem? I have to say the people.

We're just not excited with the sport, noy everyone, of course, but in my class, almost sport in the commne places. I think the love for sports start in the school, we do PE, but if we really like it, why we don't try outside? I think that's the problem, not the sport facilities.

Remember, this is only my opinion.

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