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miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014

My absolutly perfect Halloween!

Hello! How was your Hallowen?

My Halloween Was Perfect!
My teacher told me to write about it! So lets begin!

Okay, my Halloween began at 7:30pm because I had to decorate my house! (I love to decorate my house!) I really like many lights and toys, and lots of stuff

Later at 4:00 pm three of my closer friends came to help me to prepare my halloween party! We prepare many treats and things to drink.

Later the fun began! My friends Gabi, Anto, Sofi, Flo, Jo, Diego, Maxi and my cousin where there, I was so happy. Later we go out for candies, we had many!, also we made many fun things, one house didn't want to gave us candy... and we throw... candies! Another thing that we do where a little joke... a house was in sale... and we call to the advertisement, they say that they were the company, and we say that they had to come to bring us candy. Also we made new friends, watch horror movies... and eat pizza! :3 <3

So... that's a little little summary of my Halloween

Bye Bye and keep scaring!

This is a plus! My DIY Halloween costume! I made if myself! What do you think?

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